8 Benefits of Foam Rolling

Have you started foam rolling yet? If not, get on it-there’s oodles of benefits that your body will love you for! Read my article from yesterday about my top 5 favorite foam rolling exercises. But before you begin, check out these amazing benefits from this simple practice to get you motivated to buy your roller tonight and start using it tomorrow.
Reduce inflammation

“I love feeling inflammation in my body,” said no on ever! Want to reduce inflammation or even nip it in the bud? Use your foam roller before and after your exercise or workouts. At the very least, do it at the beginning and end of every. single. day. No exceptions.
Increased circulation

Foam rolling increases the blood flow to your muscles, so you can count on improved delivery of oxygen throughout your body during your workout. Increased circulation is helpful for your muscle recovery after a workout, as well as greater range of motion, which means you hard core folks can push yourselves a little harder on the days you lift weights. Winning!
Increased range of motion

Foam rolling daily will support the stretching out and lengthening of your muscles, which will help you move better overall, as well as get more out of your workout. For you dancers and yogis-this equates to increased flexibility! That’s right, here’s a simple ‘hack’ for getting your leg closer to your ear.
Decreased recovery time

Foam rolling daily assists with your muscle repair, which equates to not feeling sore and gimpy the day after workouts. Yes, workout junkies, this means you can get more workout sessions in per week, and therefore see quicker results! Who wants to walk around feeling sore all the time anyways?!
Relieve muscle tension

This is especially useful after a hard workout. Plus, when you use a foam roller, you get to control how much pressure you apply to each area that you’re rolling, which means you can really drill down to the areas that are the tightest, most sore, and need the most work. Give them lots of love!
Reduce cellulite

Improved blood flow from foam rolling also helps to move stagnation out of the lymph, which in turn assists with the removal of toxins from your muscles. Ladies, you read it right: this means that using a foam roller daily can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Forget expensive treatments!
Decrease the chance of injury

Overall, when you use the foam roller daily, especially before and after a workout, you are giving your muscles top-notch treatment, which means that you have a better chance at decreasing the chance of injury. Now that’s smart fitness!
Supplement massage therapy

Not everyone can afford bodywork such as massage therapy or physical therapy, or even a personal trainer, so using a tool like a foam roller is an inexpensive and fun way to give your body that extra love and attention it deserves.
Are you sold yet on foam rolling? I don’t let a day go by without doing it myself. I challenge you to start foam rolling 7 days a week!