Are you wondering what is all the rage about using kettlebells? Well let me tell you that there are hundreds of different workouts you can benefit from using the kettlebell but I’m going to share with you my favourite one that will make you sweat in one swift movement, The Kettle Bell Swing.
First of all, for all those who don’t know what a kettle bell is, it’s the heavy round-shaped weights with a handle shaped like an upside-down V. Most gyms have them and they come in various weights. For beginners it’s best to start off with a lighter weight to find the proper form and movement. Once you are comfortable upgrade to a heavier weight.
So, what are all these amazing benefits I’ll get from the Kettlebell Swing?
1. The kettlebell swing is a full body workout. In one swift movement you are working your arms, legs, abdominals, glutes, and even more.
2. You burn a ton of calories!! Kettlebell swings when done correctly are great for when you don’t have a lot of time as you can do about 20 mins of kettlebell swings and burn up to 400 calories!
3. This one simple exercise helps cut fat, build muscle and strength, all whist improving your cardiovascular health. Sign me up!
4. After continuous research when exercising regularly with kettlebells it can help reduce neck, shoulder and back pain. This is due to the amount of strength you build over-time in your core and upper-body muscles.
5. The only thing you need is yourself and a kettlebell which allows you to do this workout anywhere!
The Perfect Kettlebell Swing:
1. Stand shoulder distance apart with the kettlebell in the space of your two feet with the handle in a horizontal position.

2. Reach down and bend your HIPS so they push back and pick up the kettlebell.

3. Keep your shoulders down and back , your chest up and your back neutral the entire time.

4. As your stand up squeeze your glutes, your hips move forward and engage your abs as you swing up with straight arms.

5. Gravity will pull the kettlebell down as you sit your hips back and power up to swing back up!
The most difficult part of the kettlebell swing is that many people don’t do it correctly. Here are some common things people do and tips on how to avoid them:
1. When you bend down it is not a squat, this is a very common mistake people make.The legs are still engaged and knees will bend naturally but ensure that the bend is coming from your hips.
2. Don’t let the kettlebell fall below your knees. The kettlebell should almost be touching your butt as it swings back between your inner thighs, not your knees.
3. Don’t slouch or over engage your back. You want to keep a neutral spine and use the momentum from your hips to spring forward.
4. Breath and keep abs engaged. It’s getting hard and you naturally want to let go and let that belly hang but it will make it that much harder. Keep your chest up and abs locked tight!
Now that you have all the tools try for 25 consecutive swings, take a break and repeat 2 more times. Remember the tips and proper alignment and then Let me know how your feeling the next day.
Happy Swinging!