Do you know we live in the most toxic environment in history? Or that we have a lifetime of chemical and hormone residues sitting in our cells? Our foods, products and homes are filled with harmful substances. Even the wrong friends and our own thinking can negatively affect our energy. The only line of defense is prevention through lifestyle choices. In this transformative 3-week course, taught by international health and wellness coach Amber Zuckswert, you will learn to design a non-toxic lifestyle to support your most epic self.
Can’t make the live call? No worries! All calls are recorded and downloadable. You can listen to the course at anytime during the week!1.5 hours with Q&A.
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Week 1: Create Sacred Space
Learn how to eliminate the most harmful toxins in your environment, organize and reduce clutter

– Natural, chemical-free alternatives for:
Make up, skin care, sun screens, lotions, house hold
chemicals, cleaning supplies, toothpaste & soaps
– Learn which chemicals/products to avoid and why they are harmful.
– Tips on getting organized & eliminating clutter
– Creating surroundings that support your mind, body and spirit with Feng Shui

Week 2: Epic Nutrition
Eat healthy and feel great with a new perspective on food

– 12 Guidelines for optimum energy and body weight

– How to easily add raw & vegan food to your everyday life
– 10 Superfoods that will change your life
– 5 Smoothies that will rock your world
– Dirty dozen check list and non-gmo buying guide
– 20 Delicious plant based recipes

Week 3: Activate & Energize
Transform your mind

– Learn 3 strategies to re-wire your negative thought patterns.

– Set intentions and chose mantras to radically shift your life.
– Learn calming and energizing breath work and practice meditation to
minimize monkey mind.
– Why social support is vital for positive self growth.
– Tips to weed out your energy draining friends.
– Ideas and resources for meeting like minded people who will support
you in your unique endeavors.
– Top 10 ways to stay motivated to exercise consistently.
– 5 things you can do everyday to stay healthy
– How to make your office more fit-friendly.

About Amber:

Amber Zuckswert is an international pilates, health and lifestyle coach with a background in holistic nutrition studies spanning Western Sports Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurevda. She’s currently a resident teacher at Rancho La Puerta, the world’s #1 destination spa and teaches large and small group classes, beyond her private client base, at Yogaworks, Sports Club LA and the Informed Body Pilates and Gyrotonic studios in San Francisco.
With extensive knowledge in plant-based nutrition and superfoods, Amber offers nutrition programs and classes online and through her local meetup group. She specializes in combining the power of mindful movement, plant based nutrition and conscious living in a program designed for each unique client. Check out her past and future world wide workshops and retreats, testimonials and services here.