I will not bow down, hide, or mute myself to help others feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Occasionally, I receive negative comments or emails about my posts. They say I shouldn’t show so much of my body. Or they say I’m just trying to get attention. They say I’m a poser.

But in actuality, I’m just being me—confident and comfortable in my own skin—which triggers their deepest insecurities.

How do I know this? Because I’ve faced and healed more than my fair share of body image junk, including a full-blown eating disorder. I know the depth of self-hatred, comparison syndrome, perfectionism, and jealousy.

I have spent years facing my deepest insecurities head on. I’m very happy, content, and confident with my body and it’s imperfections more than ever before. I celebrate this self-love growth because it was NOT an easy task to release the beliefs and habits that enslaved me.

My intention is to inspire and empower others, especially women, to honor their bodies and not be afraid to express themselves fully. My posts on Facebook and Instagram are created to help others.

For far too long (generations) many of us have covered up or dumbed down our beautiful bodies, brilliant minds, and radiant spirits. Casting the spotlight to someone else. Thinking,

“Who am I to be seen and heard?”

But the truth is, downplaying your brilliance is serving no one. Especially you!

Now is the time to reclaim your power and rise to shine brighter than ever before.

The world wants and needs your unique voice, heart, and gifts. Will you have the courage to share?

Don’t hold yourself back.

Don’t listen to jealous or hurt people who are just projecting their own inner pain onto you. Hurt people hurt people.

Remember, we are reflections for each other, and what someone else says about you is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of them.

Don’t apologize for the insecurities of others.

Keep your heart open and do YOU!


Shine on my loves!

Amber Sears
Online Coaching, Retreats, & Teacher Trainings