Float in the web of nature’s abundance. Sync with the rhythms of the rainforest. Melt into the warm rolling sea. Marvel at the love that is always surrounding and supporting your highest self. Come home to your heart.

We have lost our connection to nature, to ourselves, to each other. We have forgotten who we are. Our souls have been paved over and silenced for too long.

Awaken your spirit and expand your heart by immersing in raw wild places.

Keep breathing. Fill up your voids with self love.

Remember we are the voices for the trees, the birds, and the bees. We are one. It’s our duty to honor and protect that which provides us everything, mother Earth.

I am a dancing warrior of light. A guardian of the trees. A champion of the healing power of plants. I trust my intuition and universal flow. I share my journey and lessons learned to inspire and empower yours.

I bow in humble immense gratitude to Ayahuasca for reconfirming my path and purpose last night. For the revelations and epiphanies. For bringing me home to cleanse, reset, download and gain more clarity. I am forever grateful for Aya’s lessons. May we all experience its healing forces at least once in life.