Education Syndrome is the belief that if you just get one more certification or degree, you will know “enough” to help people & launch your business.

I see THIS old “not enough” program running in peoples’ minds EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The TRUTH is…

You don’t need more education or certifications or degrees. YES, you need experience and skills to be able to offer something of great value. But you don’t need to attend 6 different teacher trainings or degree programs before you start helping people with your knowledge.

If you find yourself seeking the next education program thinking it will make you finally feel “confident enough,” but still haven’t learned how to monetize and make a living with the skills you already have…

Ask yourself the following questions…

  • Why am I afraid to learn business skills, like marketing & sales, that will actually allow me use the skills I have to help people & make a living?
  • Even though I have an amazing education that I’ve spent a lot of money for. Why don’t I feel “enough”?
  • Why do I continually sign up for programs that cost a lot of money, take up a lot of my time, but don’t teach me how to run a business?

There are a few reasons people play out this pattern for years…

  1. They don’t feel confident in their skills because they’ve never taught or shared them with others.
  2. They don’t want to learn the business skills & tools necessary to actually do what they love full time. Nor do they want to feel the growth edges they will have to encounter on the path.
  3. They don’t embody what they desire to teach. This inner integrity issue prevents them from ever feeling enough to help others.

My advice….No amount of continued education is going to make you feel confident enough. Confidence is built through EXPERIENCE & ACTION. Not by reading more books.

What you DO with your education & experience is what matters most. How you use it to serve people at the highest level is why you started in the first place.

And yet, your self doubt & fear keep you distracted from learning the very skills that will get you out of this loop.

Stop holding yourself back. Learn the skills you actually need & take action now. The world awaits!


Many Blessings!

Amber Sears – Online Coaching, Retreats, & Trainigs