It is hard to believe that a whole month has gone by. I still remember the day we arrived to Epicself. A lot has happened for me since then on a physical and emotional level.

The first week was really hard for me. I usually have no problem adjusting to a new place, but for the first time I felt something like being home sick. I missed my friends and social life. I had not spend much time with myself until now and I knew that was a big necessity and a big challenge.

Emotionally, I ran into a couple of walls and obstacles. Some of them I was able to overcome, while others are still stuck deep. There are old thinking patterns that keep me from moving, and it frustrates me that I’m not able to move forward. I just keep finding excuses. Daniel is amazingly patient and is helping me see those repetitive patterns. But the fact is, only I can go past this. By moving, the walls will get thinner. Nobody can make me move, nor move for me.

I realized that my whole life I have been running away from things. Afraid to take responsibility for my actions and myself. But what am I afraid of? I hope I can turn this frustration in positive energy and walk the way I’m meant to walk. I truly got a good perspective of what it means to be an entrepreneur, how much work it is and what you need to make it happen. Now the question is, do I want to be an entrepreneur and can I make it happen?

I absolutely loved the yoga and pilates classes. Amber shares so much knowledge and really knows when to be gentle and when to challenge our bodies. I got to connect to my body in a different way and we are having a much better relationship now. Before I came here, I saw my body as weak and a limiting force. Due to my injuries and pain, I was unhappy many times because it kept me from doing things and movements. Now I have come to realize thanks to both Daniel and Amber that my mind is the limiting force here. My body is strong, has all it takes, so does my spirit. Now I have to tell myself a different story and get rid of all those excuses that keep me from showing up and shining my light.

The pilates classes have helped me ease my pain and connect to muscles in my body that weren’t doing their work. I was surprised that all those muscles are already there and they are strong enough. I just had no idea how to connect to them. I accomplished my goals here 100%. I have built upper body strength, reduced my neck and back pain and have a toned body. I even lost 10 pounds!

I’m a person who lives and learns through experiences. The excursions to the beach and the organic farmers markets were awesome and I got to connect with interesting people. My personal highlights were a chocolate making class with a local artisan chocolate maker, and the trip to Nauyaca waterfalls. I will never forget riding on Daniel’s motorcycle to do the coaster zip line, so I could overcome part of my fear!

I’m super excited to go home and move my chocolate project forward. I’m proud of my web-page that I developed with Amber’s help and I can’t wait to apply my new skills and knowledge. I have made new friends and connected to interesting people. There are three more people who believe in me and I have all the tools to make things happen. And as Daniel would say, all I have to do now is “make shit happen”!