Plant more trees. Protect the ones we have left. Support and empower the indigenous people who have been protecting the forests for thousands of years. THERE IS NO TIME TO WAIT.

Did you know half of the world’s forests are gone? It’s estimated that every minute of every day, 20 football fields of forest are destroyed.

With Brazil’s new prime minister, who is cutting down more of the Amazon Rainforest AND taking away ingenious peoples’ rights daily, the fight to save the most biologically diverse ecosystem, that makes 20% of the oxygen we breathe, is f*cking REAL!

What we do to the Earth, we ultimately do to ourselves. Everything is connected. We can’t escape this reality. There’s isn’t a planet B. We are all in this together.

The Earth will survive humans, but we won’t survive our own greed.

All future generations will suffer the consequences of our inaction, selfishness, and gluttony. The thought of bringing a baby into a world without trees and clean water tears my heart out.

We have to take responsibility for our collective choices, stand for what we believe, and use our voices to ignite change.

We are the problem, and we are also the solution.

What EpicSelf Plans To Do About It

If you can’t tell already, this is a huge issue, and it’s one that I’m extremely passionate about. So, I won’t stop at just telling others about the issue. I plan to DO something about it!

That’s one of the reasons I expanded my most popular retreat to create the Epic Awakening 2.0. I wanted to bring more value while also further impacting our beautiful planet for good. I’ve added an opportunity for all who join me on the retreat to have the chance to give back by planting trees in the rainforest while in Costa Rica.


Below is a list of action steps we can all implement immediately to help:

Reduce or eliminate eating beef. Clear-cutting the rainforest for cattle and for growing food for the cattle is one of the primary reasons our forests are disappearing at a record rate. The less animal products we buy from big agribusiness the better.

Follow and support the organizations on the front lines fighting for your right to breath clean air. I recommend @amazonwatch @rainforestalliance and @rainforestactionnetwork.

Educate and empower others to vote with their dollars. We as the consumers hold the power over the multi-billion dollar industries who are using their money to lobby and shape government policies worldwide.

Find organizations near you and abroad who plant trees with integrity. Volunteer your time and donate your money to reforestation.


Where are my Earth Guardians at? Who’s with me?


Lots of Love & Pura Vida!
Amber Sears