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Going RAW: The Power of Prep Part II


While the benefits of going raw are many, here we are going to focus specifically on why raw food is important. Lots of people feel like […]

Going RAW: The Power of Prep Part II2019-06-17T19:20:16+00:00

A Long Time Coming


I arrived in Manuel Antonio a month ago to start my Epic Self Fellowship training. It had been a long time coming. I had been […]

A Long Time Coming2016-11-28T00:07:17+00:00

10 Tips to Prioritize Fitness


Happy June everybody! In the Northern Hemisphere this means that bikini season is on the brink of being in full swing and this is often accompanied by a […]

10 Tips to Prioritize Fitness2016-11-28T00:07:18+00:00

Cauliflower Crust Pizza


Who doesn’t love pizza? In my humble opinion you would have to be crazy not to love it. While I love the way that pizza […]

Cauliflower Crust Pizza2016-11-28T00:07:18+00:00

Jelly Freaking Donuts


Yes you read correctly. Jelly Freaking Donuts!

Whether you have a massive sweet tooth or just one teeny tiny one hiding out somewhere in the […]

Jelly Freaking Donuts2016-11-28T00:07:18+00:00

Joyful Inversions and their Benefits


I have always loved going upside down. Regardless of whether I was on the ground, in the water or in the air, since I was just […]

Joyful Inversions and their Benefits2016-11-28T00:07:18+00:00

Raw Vegan Coconut Lime Tarts!


Costa Rica is in what is known as the “green season” right now. As you may have guessed it’s due to how lush this tropical […]

Raw Vegan Coconut Lime Tarts!2019-06-17T19:23:45+00:00

A Journey of Spiritual Awakening


A spiritual awakening isn’t something that happens over night. It hasn’t been that way for me anyway. Even using the word spiritual used to totally […]

A Journey of Spiritual Awakening2016-05-24T00:12:29+00:00
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