Working from my laptop and being location independent has ALWAYS been a massive goal of mine. Freedom was, and still is, my focus.

When I launched EpicSelf back in my early twenties, I knew figuring out how to be a digital nomad was my top priority. I wanted to teach my passions and help people around the world, not just in the small town I grew up in.

I wanted to explore and immerse in different cultures while staying on purpose with my mission.

My Journey To A Location Independent Lifestyle

So, I wrote blogs and ebooks. I launched online courses and workshops. I taught at destination spas and retreat centers. When Skype first launched, I taught and coached live on that platform. I designed retreats and teacher trainings. Eventually, I moved to Costa Rica and opened a wellness center.

I was experimenting and figuring out what was most powerful for my clients and what fit within my dream lifestyle.

It was fun and super challenging. I learned SO much through trial and error.

Once I had dialed in all of my offerings and was rocking a lifestyle that I truly loved, I realized how much I wanted to share the magic with someone special.

I was single for six years, putting in the time and energy to build my location independent business. I couldn’t be distracted and bothered by the dating scene.

But then it hit me. Sharing this wonderful creation with a long term partner was the next chapter.

Within the first few months of getting to know JP Sears, I knew we would find a way to join our worlds and share adventures the way I had always dreamed.

Our Next Adventure

In just 12 days, we leave for a two-week journey to the Sacred Valley in Peru for my Sacred Heart Activation Retreat. Having JP by my side for my most potent retreat this year feels INCREDIBLE.

I can’t wait to share the magic of Peru with JP, my amazing retreat guests, and my epic team. It’s truly a dream come true for me.

Being together, sharing the magic, growing together means EVERYTHING to me.

I bet you can guess my love language, haha!

So tell me, do you dream of a location independent lifestyle? If so, it’s 1000% attainable.

Never give up on what your heart beats for. Starve your distractions and feed your focus. Follow your heart, because nothing else matters.

Drop a comment below if you are with me!


Love & Blessings!

Amber Sears