Today I’m elated to share my top tips on building your purpose-driven business. I discuss these top tips and more in a video discussion on entrepreneurship and lifestyle design that I recently recorded with my husband, JP Sears.

In this meeting of the minds and hearts, we pull back the veil on our businesses and lifestyle design to share our favorite tips on creating your unique dream.

We both have been entrepreneurs for over 10 years, and we have learned a lot along our passionate, purpose-driven journeys.

In this video, we share WHAT we do, HOW we do it, WHY we do it, and most importantly, how you can too!

We discuss some of our greatest challenges and how we have overcome them so you do not have to make the same mistakes we did.

CLICK HERE to watch our Facebook Live video. I’m excited to share this with you, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on this topic!

Are you currently building your own heart-centered business? If so, what have been your greatest challenges thus far? What are you doing to overcome them? Let me know in the comments below!!

Pura Vida & Blessings!

Amber Sears


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