Growing up and still to this day I dream about leaving my established life behind and devoting time to a charity or organization. Whether it’s the Peace Corp, Greenpeace, World Wild Life Fund, Save The Children, or an elephant refuge in the heart of Africa, all could use our support, time and energy. So many problems and so little time.

Luckily, doing more good in the world doesn’t need to involve a two year commitment to a cause. Every moment we have the choice and opportunity to smile, breath and be mindful of the entire universe.
We can all afford to do more good.
A good cause that positively impacts the collective energy of the globe could be as small as a compliment and as large as feeding starving children in the wake of mass genocide in Sudan. How far you think your good deeds reach is besides the point.
The point is to act. Small or large. Energy is energy.
Here are 7 ways to do more good in the world with your consciousness:

1.) love you:

This might sound like an oxymoron to giving, but when you truly honor and respect yourself it automatically spreads to others. Subconsciously most of us bash ourselves with negative self talk. You would never treat a friend like that, so why do we allow it in our own head space? Start by learning how to love your body. The body is the easiest portal to tap mind/body bliss and confidence.

2.) be present:

Did you meditate today? Sit still and feel your breath? Look at people in the eyes? Listen with every ounce of your being? It’s a lot harder than it seems! Living in the now takes a lot of practice, but automatically gives back. The simple act of being helps others find their presence and joy.

3.) react with ease:

sirens blaring outside, a pile of work on your lap, spilled coffee cup, stress, stress, and more stress. I can hear your adrenals burning to ash. When stress challenges your sanity notice how you react. Instead of allowing your thoughts to run rampant with worst case scenarios, flush the mind with light and breath. Big inhale, big exhale…letting the shoulders drop away from the ears and tension drain out of the finger tips. You are safe, you are enough, you are here and this too shall pass.

4.) show your support:

pick a cause you care deeply about, let’s say greening your urban environment, and show your support in anyway you know how. Volunteer your time to plant trees, or simply help spread the word. We forget how easy it is to bring something up in conversation and spread the goodness. Even if you can’t devote the time you’d like to a cause, someone else might.

Writing a blog post is a perfect way to show your support. A fabulous campaign I’m supporting at the moment is Save The Children‘s “See Where The Good Goes” which uses an interactive website ( and social media strategies to raise awareness about the importance of local health workers in developing countries.
 The campaign communicates that local health workers are critical when it comes to newborn and child survival in the developing world. Thanks to the extension of basic health care by local health workers to children and mothers in developing countries, a child is being saved every 4 seconds. 

As a big thank you for supporting their message, Save The Children is offering one lucky reader a pedometer! Thousands of local health workers walk miles each week to check on newborns and treat children with life threatening illnesses. The pedometer is for you to measure your own steps, and calories burned throughout the day.

For your chance to win this hot red gadget:
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Whoever spreads this article the most in support of Save The Children will win. Winner will be chosen a week from today!

5.) go minimal:

get rid of excess stuff. And chances are most of it is excess! Do you really need twenty pairs of shoes, ten jackets, two cars, and a partridge in a pear tree? As I learned when I sold everything, nothing is more freeing than lightening your load. Recycle, sell or donate your stuff to people or organizations who need it more. There are a ton of guides to help you cut waste, save money, give back and live more free by going minimal, but my favorite is The Simple Guide to The Minimalist Life by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.
Click to read all about it.

6.) eat less, especially meat:

Movies like Food Inc., Fast Food Nation and books Eating Animals, The Omnivore’s Dilemma expose the truth about our food in this country. We can no longer ignore the facts. When you see what the rest of the world eats and the devastating impact the meat industry (specifically cattle) has on global warming and our health, you can’t help but celebrate #meatlessmondays.
Cut back to munching meat twice per week to lighten your wallet, waistline, heart and impact. Fish and poultry are considered meat folks. Back in the 50’s meat was an expensive special meal of the week.
Just because factory farms can produce inhumane despicable quality meat at rock bottom prices doesn’t mean we need to consume more of it! We are spoiled with abundant cheap options, and that’s were discipline comes in. The discipline to abstain when presented with abundance.

7.) live your passions:

do you know what your passions are? I feel lucky to have found and cultivated mine from an early age. I hear people complain of not knowing their passions, but I think they just aren’t aware. Pay attention to what really makes your spirit soar. Do more and more of that everyday and watch the universe unfold for you. When work and passion blend is true bliss! Pick a passion and run with it. Turn it into a small business on the side with my go-to resource from Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Non Conformity.

Know deep down that waking up excited about life is the only way to live. If one passion doesn’t lead where you’d like than pick another and start over. This isn’t a life long commitment unless you want it to be. You sculpt what you want out of reality, not visa versa.
In molding your most epic self you directly do more good in the world. Give yourself and others the permission to be.
How will you go more good this moment?