We ACCEPT the love we think we DESERVE.

THIS concept took me years to digest and integrate into changed behavior.

For many many years, I found myself playing out patterns and cycles in my relationships that I knew were not serving my highest good.

I didn’t understand the root of the issue until I was willing to take a hard look at how I loved myself.

Were my deep feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt getting in the way of me choosing a better partner? Absolutely!

Were my judgmental and critical thoughts about myself preventing me from giving and receiving love fully? 1000%.

Was my perception of reality clouded by the pain of my past? Definitely.

Was I carrying emotional baggage and ties to past partners that I wasn’t willing to let go of? Without a doubt.

Who I attracted and chose to love had everything to do with what was going on inside of me. 

When I realized that, the game changed entirely. Now I had something to work with that I was in control of.

I took my power back and focused on learning how to love myself unconditionally. I learned that the relationship with myself sets the tone for all of my other relationships. That I needed to fall in love with and befriend myself before I could clearly meet another.

And the self-love work continues. It’s never done. I’ve not arrived at that perfect place because it doesn’t exist. But, I have broken many cycles and patterns thus far which feels DAMN good.

Remember, you are worthy and deserving of all that you love and desire. You are the ultimate creator of your reality. Your beliefs and behaviors can change today. Every moment is an opportunity to choose again in the direction of your heart.

Have you experienced this realization? How are you breaking the patterns and cycles you find yourself in? I’d love to hear from you!


Much Love & Pura Vida!

Amber Sears