Walk your talk. Embody your values, ethics, and mission.

If you…

  1. Aren’t willing to do the inner work required to transcend your own bullshit
  2. Are not willing to be a student of life
  3. Think you know everything
  4. Are not taking radical responsibility for your own patterns, emotional baggage, and projections

Then you will go nowhere fast.

If you are a teacher, coach, healer, parent, etc. who lives out of alignment with what you preach to others, it will negatively affect your life and your business over and over again.

You will stay in the same cycles, hitting walls again and again and wondering why things aren’t flowing your way.

Being in full alignment with your values and embodying what you stand for when it comes to serving others is REQUIRED for success.

There is no way to escape this truth by pretending you have all the answers and by putting yourself on a pedestal above others.

We are all human. We are all facing our own demons. And we must have compassion for ourselves and others as we learn and grow together.

Being a humble student of life, having the hard conversations, and being willing to walk through my own muck time and time again has served me FAR more than any certification or degree program ever could.

It’s in those moments of deep reflection that I realize where my blocks and blind spots are. It’s through the muck that I discover the strength of my light.

What the world so desperately needs right now is people who are willing to embody their ethics and lead with integrity.

Talk is cheap. How you act reveals everything. Integrity is paramount. Do the inner work and watch the magic unfold around you!

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Blessings & Pura Vida!

Amber Sears
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