Grace > Grind. This was of my biggest takeaways from Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny immersion this week.

I’ve spent so much of my life in warrior mode. Building, creating, serving, and grinding hard to try to fulfill my big mission and purpose.

I’ve realized my inner light warrior is strong, powerful, and can get a massive amount of things done. But, there can be a lot more magic and grace in how things manifest.

I’m in the process of stepping into the magician and the lover archetypes. Where I allow grace to guide me and magic to flow through me with a lot less effort and struggle.

Where I am living more in my heart, less in my head, and trusting the divine guidance and alignment that is always working in my favor.

I’ve used my warrior heart to get me where I am today, but the next level includes a lot more love, trust, and surrender to the higher powers that we are all connected to.

So, what’s next?

I’m excited for this next chapter where I consciously choose grace over grind on a moment to moment basis.

When I do this everything begins to open up and flow. I experience a lot less resistance and suffering. I embody love more consistently.

I’m rewiring my subconscious core values and beliefs this week with the help of Tony’s potent tools so I can even more consciously create 2020.

I’m super pumped to bring everything I’m learning and experiencing here to my work. I’ve been taking pages and pages of notes, so get ready!

I’m unleashing all of my love, passion, and fire now. Holding back any part of me is a thing of the past.

⚡️What big lesson are you learning in life right now? And how are you taking action? Tell me all about it!


Much Love!

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