Tony Robbins and his amazing wife Sage are a compassionate and humble power couple that JP Sears and I are learning a lot from, including how depolarization can really hurt our marriage.

Through their embodied example and teachings, we have transcended to a new level in our marriage.

What was the big shift?

Learning about the importance of masculine/feminine polarity.

When there is no polarity between the masculine and feminine energies in a relationship, the passion can fizzle out fast. Many marriages end today because of a lack of passion/polarity. Not because there is no love.

Tony and Sage taught us at Date with Destiny how to turn our polarity up a few octaves.

My biggest realization was how much I bring my masculine energy to our relationship. Running my business requires me to use my masculine energy to get things done, coach my clients, and drive at my goals daily.

And while that is great, if I bring that kind of energy to my relationship pre and post work, it can cause depolarization between us.

⚡️We don’t truly realize how much we bring our work home with us⚡️

So, a new ritual I am putting into place is a transition between work Amber and play Amber.

When it’s time to take off my coaching hat, I’m going to change my outfit, blast some fun music, dance around, and step into my playful carefree self who is ready to fully connect to JP with my feminine essence.

As a business coach, I am dialed to see blind spots, areas to improve, and provide solutions for my clients.

If I bring that same laser coaching unconsciously to JP, it will truly dismantle our bond.

The last thing my husband needs is coaching, solutions, or my critiquing eye on him 24/7 😂 Not to mention, it’s not my job to fix him or help him up-level.

This simple transition ritual will help me step into my feminine energy with a lot more grace and keep the polarity that’s required for our passion.

And JP has his own version of this polarity work as well.

When we both maintain our masculine and feminine poles, a passion ignites between us like when we were first together. It’s like magic!

⚡️Have you experienced depolarization with your partner? How do you come back into balance? Let me know in the comments below!


P.S. Happy Holidays! I hope you’re all finding time to spend with your loved ones and practice polarizing your relationships.


Much Love & Pura Vida,

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