My path to heal chronic pain has been a long and eventful one. I discovered Amber and Epicself almost three years ago and knew instantly our paths would cross someday. I was so inspired by her and her business; she was doing what I dreamed of doing!

I have been a Wellness Coach for over 14 years. This path became my passion after healing myself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other debilitating health issues. I didn’t want anyone to experience what I had or stay stuck in a state of disease. We all deserve to thrive at life, not just live it; it’s our birthright.

That is how I Live Vibrantly came into being. For many years I had a thriving in person practice in Santa Cruz, CA working with individuals through nutrition, lifestyle coaching and personal chef support. Upon moving to Mountain View, CA I became more involved in the corporate world and decided to take a break from full time coaching to learn more about business.

After 8 years working in the corporate world I sold most of my possessions and packed up moving to the Pacific Northwest. It was time to be near family again and start living a life that was more connected to my passions; coaching and living a life more in tune with the earth’s rhythms. Moving towards being more self-sustainable, having a larger role in where my food came from became important priorities. Starting a little farm is an adventure every minute in of itself; one I love and wouldn’t trade for anything.

This evolution is how I landed in Costa Rica at Epicself as a fellow. It was time for me to focus deeper on myself and my business, taking both to new heights. I chose Epicself to be my guide for this part because I felt the most heart connected to them.

My primary reason for being here though is to heal my chronic pain issues. Several intense accidents that happened over 18 years ago had left me with structural and alignment issues along with chronic pain that had me living life as two separate bodies; left side, right side. For the most part I managed it practicing healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. Manage wasn’t good enough for me though; just like many years ago when I was told I had to learn to manage my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and accept that would never have a chance to flourish. Just as back then, I firmly believed there was a way to heal fully and get past this point. After following and reading Amber’s work for a couple of years my gut told me she was the one to teach me how to do this.

Though I’ve only been here for five days already I have experienced shifts in my body from our pilates and yoga work together. For the first time in 18 years there is movement on my left side body. There is no left side right side moving as two separate entities. I still have areas of pain that need to be worked through but even this one shift has me ecstatic and I know by the end of my time here I will have alleviated that pain. I will go home with a firm understanding, techniques, habits and tools to maintain my new level of vibrancy.

My second primary reason for being here was to learn from someone already doing what I dreamed of doing. Shifting from an in person practice to a virtual one is top on my list. Learning how to host amazing retreats in a tropical setting is second. The coaching that we are getting during our fellowship is exactly what I needed. The hands on training, the tools, the methods are filling in the gaping holes and getting me unstuck and back to moving forward again. I am so excited by what I’m learning and can’t wait to run with it and support more people to live life as their most vibrant self.

Live Vibrantly!