The last few months have been a massive wake up call for us all. An opportunity for us to go inward, feel, process, become more aware, and ultimately emerge in the here and now wiser. And how we handle things today will determine our tomorrow.

Sitting in the vast unknown and uncertain mystery of life can feel extremely overwhelming.

We’ve all been rattled and shaken to the core here in the U.S., and it will take years to undo the mental, emotional, physical, and economic damage.

But there is SO much hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The truth is being revealed, and while it’s not comfortable or pretty, it’s necessary for us to be aware of it all so we can pave a better path for future generations.

I strongly believe we are on the precipice of tremendous evolution of consciousness and large scale dismantling of the old paradigms that have enslaved and oppressed us all. Millions around the world are waking up and rising up to meet the occasion.

We have the gigantic responsibility and opportunity to envision, co-create, ad build a more compassionate, peaceful, and loving future that’s based on equality and justice for all.

But that future cannot exist unless we do the internal and external work required to get there.

We must get clear about what our values, ethics, standards, needs, and goals are in all areas of our lives. And then commit and follow through with daily action.

Our collective external reality will shift immensely if we all just commit and follow through with doing this inner work.

But the inner work is just the beginning. Then it’s all about collaboration and bringing communities together to come up with solutions to our greatest problems.

The deep shifts we desire and the root of all of our healing work begins in our hearts.

The love that inherently pours from the human heart has the power to transform and transmute all of our fear, pain, and suffering.

Our hearts show us that we must feel it to heal it. Which millions are experiencing right now. We are healing some of our deepest ancestral wounds and breaking generational patterns.

It’s not easy work, but we wouldn’t be here now if we couldn’t handle it. I believe in us!

So, what is one action you are taking today to create a better tomorrow? Comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear from you! 🌍🙏🏼❤️


Many Blessings,

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