Today I say farewell to breathtaking Guatemala and my incredible Root to Rise Guatemala Retreat group. It’s been magic!

Lake Atitlan and our beautiful shamanic retreat center, Casa De Liberacion, set the foundation for a powerful week of transformation. The energy of the land here is palpable. A complete vortex where the veil is thin the spirit is active.

The indigenous leaders we had the honor and privilege to learn from in San Marcos taught us all about their ancient Mayan traditions.

We were lead through many of their ceremonies that helped us clear the mental, emotional, and physical junk that was no longer serving us, so we could reconnect to our hearts and souls more fully.

I witnessed profound shifts in every guest over the last 5 days. It’s been such a pleasure to serve this high vibe group!

It’s amazing what can happen with plant-based meals, daily activities like yoga, pilates, and hiking while being surrounded by open-minded and open-hearted people.

While we had a ton of fun, we also did deep work. Within my workshops we dug into the limiting beliefs, emotional baggage, & physical blocks that were holding each person back from living a life they love.

I had so much fun helping everyone get clear about their next steps as they take on a brand new year with new self-care habits.

Integration back home after an experience like this is often the hardest part.

Within a retreat, you experience an entirely new reality. You gain perspective, self-awareness, and tools to assist you on your journey. But it won’t matter if you don’t use it to change your life back home.

Action is key after an experience like this.

So, we talked a lot about how to incorporate many of the self-care practices they experienced with me back home in their daily lives.

Thank you to Tish Natashia SteenkampMose ∞Yemanjo for bringing your undeniable magic to our journey. It’s been a pleasure and honor to work with you all!

Massive thank you to the beautiful souls who joined us for the adventure. I will miss you all SO much.

This is my soul’s work. Nothing feels better than living on purpose. I’m grateful beyond words for this week and look forward to my return to Lake Atitlan.


Love & Light,

Amber Sears – Online Coaching, Retreats, & Trainings