Do you know your soul’s purpose? Are you aware that you are here to help people heal, transform, and awaken? Do you have a deep soul calling, but feel stuck in a job/career that’s unfulfilling? If so, my latest podcast with Anahata Ananda – Shamanic Healer & Soul Guide – is for you!

Today I’m elated to share a powerful conversation with one of my new soul sisters on my Soul Powered Podcast. Within this 1.5 hr podcast, Anahata and I dive into how to align with your soul’s purpose, become a transformational leader, and how to masterfully hold boundaries.

Anahata is the founder of Shamangelic Breathwork. She is a gifted intuitive soul guide who helps people heal, transform, and awaken to their highest potential with her incredible tool kit of shamanic practices.

She shares her decades of wisdom and insight with us in this conversation. The integrity of her work is remarkable and something we can all learn from.

Within this chat we cover the following:

⚡️Her healing journey and how she built a successful business while living in full alignment with her soul’s mission.

⚡️What Shamangelic healing is and how breath work facilitates tremendous healing and long-lasting transformation.

⚡️The importance of maintaining energetic boundaries and integrity as a space holder, facilitator, teacher, coach, etc.

⚡️Top tips on building a stellar virtual team to support you in your core genius.

⚡️How to masterfully facilitate transformational events like workshops, retreats, and 1:1 client work.

⚡️SO much more!

Tune in now by going to any of your favorite podcast platforms and typing in “Soul Powered with Amber Sears.” I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Once you listen, come back to this post, and let me know what your greatest takeaway was and how you will implement it in your life.

Gaining wisdom is wonderful, but taking action on what you learn is EVERYTHING.

Happy weekend my loves! Soak it all in!❤️🙏🏼🌍


Lots of Love & Light!

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