Transparency, integrity, authenticity, compassion, and vulnerability. These founding values are the bedrock of how I choose to show up in the world.

You may not like my choices. You may not agree with my opinion. And you may judge and criticize me. But your opinion won’t change who I am.

Regardless, I will always be transparent about my process and growth in this journey of life.

I will always speak my unique truth regardless of the fear of other people’s judgments.

Nor will I wear a facade to appease you or make you like me more.

I will shine bright no matter how many people want to dim my light.

My people-pleasing days are long gone.

I will block accounts and delete comments from people who are attacking and insulting me, or the people in my community, on all of my social platforms. And I carry no shame or guilt about doing this.

I don’t allow angry hurt people to use my page as a soapbox for their dogma while simultaneously shaming and criticizing me for who I am. It’s unacceptable.

I have zero tolerance for hate.

I hold strong boundaries within my online sphere to ensure those who do engage and comment on my posts have somewhat of a safe space to do so. The safest I can create in our crazy online world nowadays.

The amount of people who are offended and triggered by literally anything and everything online nowadays is ASTOUNDING. Attacking people online is, sadly, a new hobby for many.

We are going through a massive awakening as a collective, and many people are unearthing the shadow aspects of self. Clearing house on all the anger and pain they feel inside by projecting it onto others.

I’m doing my best to navigate the choppy waters to the best way of my ability while maintaining my founding values.


I’m here to share, learn, serve, connect, and express myself authentically.

So, the next time you feel like attacking, judging or criticizing me, consider why you are so triggered by me. What is going on inside of you? What does this trigger say about you?

Learning to take radical responsibility for how you treat yourself and others will change the world. It’s cool to be kind, and the world desperately needs more of it.

Don’t you agree?! ❤️🙏🏼🌍


Lots of Love & Pura Vida!

Amber Sears – Online Coachings, Retreats, & Trainings