It’s Friday, which means another brand new episode of my Soul Powered Podcast is now live for your listening pleasure. And today we’re talking all about bio integration and somatic trauma!🎙❤️

This week I’m excited to share a fabulous conversation with my dear friend and badass light leader, Kole Whitty. She is a bio integration expert and somatic trauma release specialist who helps people quantum leap in their personal and professional growth by reconnecting them to the wisdom of their bodies.

Kole’s work is empowering and deeply transformative on all levels…mind, body, and spirit.

Within this deep dive chat we cover the following key concepts:

⚡️Learn what bio integration and somatic trauma release is and how it can radically benefit your life.

⚡️How to create a soul driven business by following your heart and listening to what the universe is showing you.

⚡️Conscious communication tips for all relationships & more specifically for couples doing business together.

⚡️Preparation & integration tools & tips for working with sacred master plants.

⚡️How to listen to the language of your body and tap into your fullest potential now.

I look so forward to hearing your feedback on this one! Kole and I could jam for hours about all of this stuff. She and I align in SO many ways in terms of our perspectives and experiences.

To tune in now, simply go to your favorite podcast platform, like iTunes or Spotify, and type in “Soul Powered Podcast with Amber Sears.” If you love what you hear definition subscribe. I release one new podcast per week on Fridays.

Come back to this post after listening and let me know what your greatest take away is! I’d love to know what you find most valuable and helpful.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead! Many blessings my loves! ❤️🙏🏼🌍


Show Notes:

Kole Whitty has graced the stages of national talk shows, celebrity infomercials, international television specials and even ran Olympic torch.

Her story ranges from chronic illness, high school drop out, divorcee to a coma from a drug overdose.

The depth of her pain has been met by the expansiveness of the joy she experiences now and that she shares with her twin flame, soul mate Tah.

Whether at one of their live weekend intensives, transformational masterminds, or swimming with whales in Tonga, Kole is obsessed with teaching the evolution of the bodyset to meet the mindset.

Kole works closely with her husband Tah and their combined experience, his 25 years of emergency medicine, her 17 years in trauma/addiction, their 20 years combined in personal training/fitness and their 19 in plant medicines means they pack a powerful punch when it comes to experience and perspective.

Since 2015 they have helped thousands of people to translate the unique language their body speaks for fully-realized transformations that last.

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