Be authentic. Stay true to yourself and what lights your heart up! An ideal partner will support and empower you to shine bright and live on your purpose. Even if that means spending time apart.

Following our unique purposes often takes us apart for periods of time.

While I’m in Costa Rica leading my June Epic Awakening Retreat, JP Sears is flying to Boston to speak to thousands of people at The Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

As much as I’d absolutely LOVE to be there to see him be his own authentic self and speak to the largest audience of his career, I am here in the jungle serving my guests to the fullest capacity and soaking in every moment.

Hosting retreats is my highest excitement! I love the connections that are formed and the adventures we share. JP knows and loves this about me. He supports my purpose and dreams 1000%.

When and if I shift away from doing work that is deeply meaningful and fulfilling to me, JP can sense it. I start to lose the passion and fire for my life that he fell in love with.

Authentically Me

Who am I at my most authentic, purest self? I’m a sun-worshipping environmentalist who loves giant trees and cries when they are cut down.

I love salads and green smoothies! I was 100% raw vegan for 8 years. Now I eat cooked food again. I’ve been plant-based now for 10 years.

I’ve been a dancer ever since I can remember.

I feel most at home in the jungle and in the ocean, and I dove deep into working with master plants and the ancient traditions that honor them for my own development.

At the root of it all, I am wild and free, which is exactly how I love to be. What drives me at the deepest levels? Freedom and love.

FREEDOM to create, evolve, express, and learn exponentially.

LOVE because it’s what we are made of at our truest and most authentic core.

Moral of the Story

Don’t shrink yourself, or stop pursuing your dreams, because of your partner. Stop trying to fit into a box or a role you think your partner desires.

Show up and express yourself fully. Stay in alignment with your heart no matter what.

The right partner won’t have an issue with you shining bright and will only empower you to be more you.

So, what drives you to pursue your passionate purpose? Who are you as your most authentic self? Let me know in the comments below!


Much Love from the Jungle!

Amber Sears