Leading a conscious marriage isn’t easy.

We are not perfect. There’s plenty of stuff we have to work on too.

We are humans with wounds and programs from the past.

We have egos. And those egos like to protect our hearts with defensive mechanisms.

We don’t always communicate clearly in ways the other can understand.

We don’t always give love in the way the other receives it best. Love is a two-way street.

We don’t always appreciate each other as much as we should and could.

We don’t always prioritize our relationship.

But, every day we are consciously working to be better for ourselves and each other.

What I’ve Learned…

I’ve learned so much in my first year of marriage! But being married and leading a conscious marriage are two different things. So, below are a few of the stand out lessons I’m currently integrating into how I show up for us.

🌟Positive reinforcement and appreciation through verbal affirmations is a critical daily practice to keep resentment and contempt at bay.

🌟Drop critical and judgmental words. These passive-aggressive or direct jabs build up over time and lead to massive amounts of resentment and contempt.

🌟Own your emotions and stop projecting/blaming your partner for how you feel.

🌟Communicate your needs and desires. Request a change from your partner. Talk through solutions that work for both of you.

🌟Give love in your partners love language daily. Ask for the same in return.

🌟Turn off devices, and other distractions, when you are trying to have quality time together.

🌟Continue to follow your heart, live on purpose, and build your dreams individually. Don’t lose sight of what matters most to your unique soul.

🌟Sex gets WAY better over time if you are willing to stay curious and explore new levels of intimacy.

🌟Prioritize emotional intimacy as much as physical connection. The two go hand in hand and an imbalance can cause fractures in your connection.

What are you learning right now in your relationship? Do these lessons resonate with you? I’d love to hear from you!


Love & Light,

Amber Sears