Anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm, and fear are at an all-time high right now around the globe.

It’s an intense time in history and many don’t know how to cope with all the emotions they are feeling and processing.

I get it 100%. You are not alone, but know that you always have the power to choose how you respond to life’s circumstances.

It’s important to feel the feelings and it’s also important not to stress about them or dwell in them and let them control and cloud your judgment.

Movement is a very powerful way to process emotions and eliminate stress in a healthy way. Through movement, we can unlock and release pent up energies that are no longer serving us.

So dance it all away!

Dance is my favorite way to move stuck energies, drop into my heart, and have a ton of fun!

Within my video below, I share my thoughts and feels about the power of improv freestyle dance and invite you to join me.

I hope you drop what you are doing and groove with me! There is no time like the present to lift your mood and vibe.

Click here to watch now!

If you love how you feel after dancing with me, I invite you to join me for my upcoming 4 week program beginning next Monday, June 1st.

Within my Rise Rituals 4 Week Online Program I weave pilates mat, vinyasa yoga, and ecstatic dance to help you boost your immunity, build strength, flexibility, and discover a new level of peace in the heart and clarity of mind.

We dance hard like wild children and process the things we’ve been holding on to. Sometimes that means tears flow. But it’s all apart of the beautiful healing and awakening journey.

Click here to read all details and sign up! Doors close this Sunday at midnight. The entire 4 weeks is only $39 and all levels are welcome!

⚡️Did you dance with me? How do you feel now?! Drop a comment below!


Much love & Light,

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