Why are we afraid to shed our old identities? To change and evolve? Why do we resist our own expansion? Why do we grasp so tightly to an outdated framework and cracked foundation that clearly isn’t the launch pad of our highest expression?

Because it feels safe, controllable, and somewhat secure despite the suffering we endure. The hilarity in this resistance to expansion is that change is the only constant. Change throws us out of our comfort zone, consistently teaching us to tread water, grow roots, and spread our wings.

We can’t stop our individual and collective evolution no matter how hard we try. And so while we are kicking and screaming, fighting for control and stability, thinking we know what’s on the horizon, we are taught through experience to surrender, accept, and dance with the flow.

Identities are boxes we have chosen to put ourselves into voluntarily to define our infinite, boundless, and eternal spirits. How could we ever try to define something so incomprehensible? How could we choose day in and day out to stay in the same damn box? So often we don’t even realize we are in a box until one day we hit rock bottom and decide to break down the walls.

The beauty is we don’t have to wait for a wake-up call to create the space and build the strength for our mightiest flight yet.

Every moment is an opportunity to let go of what’s weighing us down and create once more.

What waits beneath the layers of our former selves is far more brilliant and powerful than we can fathom. So, as the layers fall off, we must learn to trust. As the waves rise and fall, we must learn to dance.


Lots of Love & Pura Vida!

Amber Sears
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