As challenging and overwhelming as these times feel, I’m grateful we are riding this wild wave of awakening together.

It’s time for massive systemic change. It’s been time for decades.

This shift in consciousness, and ushering in of a new paradigm on Earth, has been coming for a while now. And many of us have been preparing as best we know how.

But now that we are here in the great awakening of humanity, it’s proven difficult to navigate to say the very least.

Feeling the Feels

So many emotions are being felt and processed. So much hate, anger, sadness, fear, and confusion. And so much deception, manipulation, and ridiculous abuse of power.

It’s hard to know what’s real anymore. It’s hard to know who to trust.

I’m feeling it all with you. I’m doing my best to learn, listen, understand, serve, and take action in the ways that I can.

And I’m learning that though I thought I understood the magnitude of systemic racism in the U.S, there is SO much more to learn.

I obviously will never truly know what it’s like to grow up black in America, but I can listen, learn, support, and empower those who have. It’s my responsibility to educate myself on this.

No matter how much I already support, empower and love on my black brothers and sisters, there is a lot more I can do in terms of fighting the establishment that has created and allowed this oppression.

Fighting for our collective awakening

As many of us are learning how to use our voices online and stand up for what we believe by taking action, we are getting shamed, attacked, and insulted for HOW we are doing so.

I can’t even count how many white people have attacked me across all of my platforms for talking about racism and the need for systemic change.

Meanwhile, the black community, and all people of color, are asking for support in their fight for justice and equality. They are asking us to listen, learn, and understand their perspective so TOGETHER we can make long lasting change.

It makes me sick inside that people would rather waste their energy attacking others for showing support, than use their energy to help where it’s needed.

Furthermore, if you believe that this is a race war funded by the elite, it doesn’t mean police brutality and systemic racism aren’t real. Both can and do exist at the same time. There are clearly a lot of problems to fix, but we can’t create real solutions if we are divided.

We MUST stop fighting each other.

Divided we are powerless.

United we have a chance for a true revolution.


Much Love,
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