Repeat after me: I FORGIVE myself for the many years of…

Squeezing myself into boxes and labels not meant for me.

Disrespecting my body, mind, and spirit through negative self talk and poor lifestyle habits.

Not holding my boundaries and saying no when I really needed to.

Silencing my own voice when I wanted to roar.

Not taking breaks and slowing down to prevent burn out.

Keeping myself small when I’m here to play full out.

Choosing to live in a state of scarcity and fear because I didn’t know another way.

Projecting my pain onto others when I really just needed to feel my feelings.

Not holding my value and charging what I’m worth.

Letting my fears control and dictate my life.

Bowing down to and valuing other people’s opinions, judgements, and criticisms of me over my own truth.

Allowing others to take advantage of me because I wanted to feel loved, seen and appreciated.

Not communicating my needs and desires clearly enough…

Forgiveness Starts with YOU

I’m sure you could list several more than what I listed above! This is a great start.

The sooner we learn to forgive and accept ourselves, the faster we can break old cycles and embody the lessons necessary to grow.

Forgiveness is a mighty step on the self-love path. So, take some time today to write down the things you know you need to forgive yourself for.

Then write down the lessons you learned through those experiences. Thank yourself for learning and evolving past the pain and hurt.

This is how we slowly, but surely heal our own hearts and remember who we are deep down…Beings of light and love here to express our uniqueness fully.

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Sending Much Love!

Amber Sears