Where is home for you? What makes a home feel like home?

It took me years to learn this for myself, to realize home was more than a place, and it was more than a certain group of people living in a place.

It was when I stopped looking for a home in others and created the foundation of home within myself that I found there were no roots more intimate than between the body, mind, and spirit.

And, though it took a while, I had to make some choices. It was at that moment that I—

DECIDED to be whole.

CHOSE to take responsibility for my energy and see the world as an endless possibility.

COMMITTED to accept myself despite my imperfections and shortcomings.

LET GO of guilt, shame, and the need to be validated by others.

CREATED clear boundaries to empower my growth.

It was a massive turning point in my life, to say the least…

These realizations came several years ago, and they keep getting deeper. The layers continue to peel back as I consciously choose to do the inner work and tend to my home.

These choices are a daily practice that I am still learning how to master. But it gets better every day. Every day I am stronger, happier, more compassionate, more patient, more abundant.

More ME.

I uncover and face a lot of my own darkness on this spiritual path, but I have learned how to transmute it into light.

I find the silver lining and amplify it. There’s a lesson in everything, and I constantly look for it. I feel all the feels, and I rewrite my thoughts and spoken words. And with my chin up and heart open, I keep stepping forward.

I understand my suffering is merely in my mind. Stuck in the past or anxious about the future.

Our minds are so silly.

Happiness is found now, and home is in our hearts.

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