Today I was overcome with emotion. Tears and heartache that I couldn’t push down no matter how hard I tried. I’m allowing myself to feel all the feels as I navigate the new chapter I am creating.

I’m taking inventory and a hard look at the things that are no longer serving me in life and business. Examining how I’ve been holding on and refusing to let go of people, places, and experiences that once fulfilled my heart in some regard, but no longer support who I am becoming.

The inner battle is real, and I’m just doing my best to witness the mayhem as it unfolds knowing that this too shall pass.

Every next level will require a different version of me to emerge, and I’m in the midst of the uncomfortable process of shedding layers.

So I sat this morning and let myself feel… the overwhelm, the regret, the confusion, the sadness, the frustration, the anger, the fear, the guilt, and the shame.

I needed to feel it.

It needed to be moved and released.

And as I make the decisions I’ve needed to make for a while and commit to my new creations, those feelings may return. And it’s all more than okay.

I refuse to stay stuck in the patterns that hold me back. I refuse to pretend everything is rainbows and unicorns. And I refuse to succumb to the fear and doubt that weighs me down.

But in order to break the pattern and let go fully, I must be willing to feel it all. So I do. And I hope you do too.

The more we suppress and numb our pain, the more it controls our lives and how we see the world. And sometimes the pain is so well buried we think it doesn’t exist until something triggers it.

It’s in those moments of complete defeat and vulnerability, where the tears won’t stop flowing and you aren’t even sure what you are feeling, that you heal.

That you find your true strength and make the decisions you’ve been avoiding.

That clarity arrives and you decide the cycle stops with you.

Our lowest moments and breakthroughs are the catalysts for remarkable change. So, when you find yourself in the midst of one, slow down and breathe deep.

Don’t fear the darkness. Keep your chin up and your heart open. Trust the process. Embrace the shifts. You are blooming.


How are you allowing yourself to feel today? Let me know in the comments below!


Lots of Love,

Amber Sears