It’s been tow weeks since I arrived to Epicself HQ here in Manuel Antonio. Living in Central America for the past 15 years, I was familiar with the language, the tropical climate and the “Pura Vida”, easy going style of life.

Of course I had my expectations of how this fellowship experience was going to be, and what I wanted to get out of it. I was ready to live the epic way! I had purposely chosen this opportunity to move out of my comfort zone, away from my familiar environment and my people. Getting away from my everyday responsibilities at home and in my full time job was something I anticipated. I needed some time to myself and to find out in which direction I wanted to go personally and with my business. I was also seeking accountability partners, as I am not the most disciplined person in the world. Yes, one of my favorite activities is procrastination!

Amber and Daniel picked us up at the shuttle and we immediately dove into the work. I was challenged by Daniel’s discipline, clarity and speed of teaching. Learning about the raw vegan diet and nutrition from Amber and attend her yoga classes was something I was really excited about. Initially, I had some trouble to focus and to adjust to the daily itinerary. The last couple of months had been emotionally challenging for me. I had lost all my energy and that enthusiastic and positive part of me in the process.

In the airplane on my way here I was thinking what kind of person I was going to be in a month. I realized that nobody could make me that person I aspired to be. To become that better version of me, I had to put effort.

I felt very lonely during my first week at Epicself . As much as I needed to spend time with myself, it was challenging. A lot of stuff came up through business training. I was telling myself that I wasn’t good enough. Other people already do what I want to do and they do it much better. It was hard to listen to that voice, see what excuses I found to not show up! One night I literally had a breakdown and cried. I never cry! I felt so good and clear after, it was a blessing to release some of those limiting energies.

The raw vegan diet was another big challenge for me. I love good food and cooking. The green juices and the salads we prepared initially didn’t satisfy me, and my stomach had a hard time digesting all this raw food. Amber suggested that I have some cooked meals every now and then, which made a big difference in my body. I felt more grounded and happier. I am making progress though and I’m proud I haven’t had a cooked meal in two days!

My spirit has lifted and I feel more whole. I enjoy very much being here and my enthusiasm is slowly coming back. Everyday is stuffed with new adventures, teachings and knowledge. Amber’s yoga and pilates classes  have been life-changing for me. I had been struggling with pain in my neck, shoulders, and knees for the past 20 years and restricted physical exercise to a minimum.  My yoga practice was limited to poses which wouldn’t cause pain in my body. After only one class with Amber, something had shifted in my back and I felt great! I’m making progress everyday. A whole empire of beliefs around my body is collapsing and I feel amazing. I’m reconnecting to spaces in my body I didn’t even know existed! My goal is to build enough upper body strength and improve my posture.

Daniel’s business coaching is so much fun. He always comes up with new ideas and activities, and I’m impressed by his playfulness, yet firmness in teaching. It is so valuable to see behind the curtains here at Epicself. Amber and Daniel do an amazing job and work hard to be able to live the epic way. I have gained more clarity in what I want to do and what I don’t, and what my true passions are. I feel more confidence in myself and the way to move forward with my chocolate business. Now I just have to go do it!

My personal highlight besides the yoga classes is to walk to the beach and just be in nature. I love being in the warm water, our play time and photo sessions. I feel so much happier and connected to myself. My goal is to bring that feeling into my everyday life.