Our new podcast just dropped!

JP and I are always leveling up our communication skills so we can navigate the uncomfortable and difficult moments with more grace and ease every time they occur. Our relationship is our #1 priority.

In the midst of our Tulum vacation, JP Sears and I sat down to have a heart to heart conversation about many things that deeply matter to us. We are done remaining quiet about the bigger issues that we, as humanity, are collectively facing at this time in history.

In this 2 hr podcast, we share what we stand for amidst the intensity of our times. We meander through a variety of topics.

With our first year of marriage down, we reflect on the many lessons we learned. We dive into issues like climate change, women’s reproductive rights, and low integrity leadership.

You may get triggered by what we have to say. And that’s okay because solutions come from open minded and open hearted discussions. So, we are here to build bridges, not walls.

I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this new podcast! Click here to take a listen, and make sure to drop a comment below to let me know what you think!


Much Love & Pura Vida!

Amber Sears