Whether you’re going home to spend the holidays with your family, or navigating a slew of holiday parties, chances are this month will be the most challenging for your raw vegan lifestyle! Luckily, it’s so easy to stay on track with clean eating, using some strategies we’ve put together. You’ll even inspire your friends and family to join you in glowing and feeling energized, not sluggish and weighed down from holiday pie, this holiday season!

Bring your own food

When you go to holiday parties or family dinners, make sure to allocate the time to prepare raw vegan dishes to bring along. Of course you may want to notify the host that you’ll be eating raw vegan, but bring along a dish and maybe even a dessert so that you can partake in the goodies along with everyone else. When everyone else sees your incredible plant-based desserts, they’ll be passing on the sugar and fat-laden indulgences to try your delicious creations. You may have a few converts in the house!

Wow your guests with raw food

If you have the chance to host an event this holiday season, take the chance to prepare some extravagant raw food to show your guests how delicious this lifestyle can be. A delicious raw lasagna along with tantalizing side dishes and a raw carrot cake or pumpkin cheesecake will astonish your guests. Making raw versions of holiday favorites is another great idea! You can prepare some cooked foods as a choice for those who want it, but will still have a healthy option.

If all else fails, make sure to fill up before you head out to the holiday party, and spend your time mingling and meeting new people! As raw foodists we eat to live, so take that to heart and enjoy a merry and magical holiday season!