My latest obsession, Raw Vegan Sushi Tapas. A twist on traditional sushi, we loved the idea of a tapas style dish.  The combination of smeared avocado, tomato salsa and crispy curried onion with the nori sheets is just heavenly.  I could eat these all day, every day – in fact that’s just what I’ve been doing!


Fresh, healthy, tasty, simple… how did life get so good?



Nori Sheets

Salsa – Use this Neapolitan Sauce recipe

Avocado Smash – 1 ripe avocado smashed with garlic salt

Crunchy Curry Onion Rings – Follow this recipe

(If you don’t have time or a dehydrator, fresh White or Red Onion Rings are wonderful too)



Serve the separate elements on a platter.  Combine the separate components in a nori sheet – just let them wrap them haphazardly – it doesn’t need to be perfect, just have fun and enjoy the drizzle. YUM.


Pura Vida!